Praia do Forte – Bahia – Brazil by drone


Salvador – Bahia – Brazil by drone


CDC Mosquito Bite Prevention for Travelers

CDC Mosquitoe Bite Prevention For Travelers

Don’t let Zica affect your travels.

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Ilha Grande – Virgin Beaches – Brazil


Ilha Grande is the largest island in the region and belongs to the municipality of Angra dos Reis. The Island has more than a hundred beaches!!!! some of them reachable  as a one -day excursion.

Cassandre and Jean-Antoine, who traveled with us, says:

“SUPER NICE !! We LOVED the pousada! Super room, super view, super service, super staff, super breakfirst…”Blue Lagoon Ilha Grande Lopes Mendes Ilha Grande


Tropical Wild


Untouched nature is the Pantanal’s greatest attractions. The animals, in all their glory, live by the rhythms of the annual rise and fall of the rivers and the alternation of rainy and dry seasons. There are 1700 plant species, 80 mammal species, 50 reptile species, 1100 species of butterflies and 650 species of birds, many of which are migratory

and remain here for only part of the year. Wood ibises, alligators, capybara and other animals abound. Photographers as Cassandre and Jean-Antoine, who visited the Pantanal with ITS – Discover Brazil, found themselves in paradise.   DSC02217DSC02012DSC02136DSC02365

Bahia – Brazil Official Tourism Video



This is a great short video of the State of Bahia in NE Brazil that shows why you must travel to this tourism destination.

The new trend in Luxury Travel


Booking a surprise holiday is an upcoming trend in the Travel Industry. If you are curious why, click on the link below and read it!

Brazil Travel and Tourism Video