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Angelo Corso´s Expedition to the Amazon – 2010


Angelo Corso´s Expedition to the Amazon - 2010
The Amazon expedition was the lawyer Angelo Corso’s challenge to travel by bike from Paraty (RJ) to the Amazon and through the jungle.

According to his plan, he and two other members spent nearly two months trying to reach to the target and return to Manaus (AM).

Paddling in a kayak, Angelo Corso went up to the Rio Negro against the current, a distance of approximately 1.1 kilometers to the municipality of São Miguel da Cachoeira. From there, his team walked to Pico da Neblina, the highest point in Brazil, which is 2993 meters high.

All this was documented and transformed in a video. See more: (Portuguese)

Client Photos: Amazon!


Our clients took this aerial photo of the Meeting of the Rivers in the Amazon upon arriving in Manaus. The rivers Rio Negro and Rio Solimões flow side by side for several kilometers before their waters mix to form the Amazon River.


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Amazon – Fantastic photos of a fascinating destination!


See the beauty of Amazon in the interesting photos 😉

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