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It’s carnival time! Megan Fox whips off her top as she stars in Brazilian beer advert


Have you seen Megan Fox’s new sexy commercial for a brazilian beer commercial “Brahma”?

The Transformers star is seen dancing away in the midst of the carnival in the 30-second TV advert.

She starts the promo wearing denim shorts and white vest and heels. The vest is then tossed off to reveal the uniform of a Brahma beer girl. Read more →

Video – Send your blessings to Yemanjá – By Otto


Yemanjá Celebrations begin in Salvador



The celebrations begin this Friday (1st), 18h, and continue throughout the night to deliver the offerings at the Fishermen’s Colony in Rio Vermelho, Salvador.

At 22h30, the devotees attending the Terreiro Oxóssi of Ojimirim, in Federation, will open their doors to religious obligations.In the early hours around 3am, there will be offered gifst to Oshun, Queen of freshwater in the Tororo Lake.

The festival will be officially opened at 5 am, when the Mayor arrives and the fishermen will begin the dawn fireworks. The singer-songwriter Carlinhos Brown accompanied with percussionists will give the ringing tone to the festivities. Read more →

Rio Carnival 2013 dates


When the official Carnival dates are? Why do the Carnival dates change every year? Why it seems complicated to find out when the Carnival will fall? Well, it is a long history. We will abbreviate it, though. This party has its origins in ancient Greece and Rome celebrations. Later, it was incorporated into the Catholic liturgical calendar and allowed until the Ash Wednesday. By the Catholic Calendar, Carnival is always celebrated seven Sundays before the Sunday of Easter. As this varies from March 22nd to April 25th, the Carnival dates also move. Read more →

100 Years of Luiz Gonzaga!


Luiz Gonzaga do Nascimento (Exu, December 13, 1912 — Recife, August 2, 1989) was a very prominent Brazilian folk singer, songwriter, musician and poet.

Born in the countryside of Pernambuco (Northeastern Brazil), he is considered to be responsible for the promotion of northeastern music throughout the rest of the country. He is also known as the “king of baião” and “Gonzagão”.

Son of a peasant and accordion player, Gonzaga was attracted to the 8-bass accordion at a very early age, but at that time he used to accompany his father by playing the zabumba (type of bass drum) and singing at parties and religious celebrations. He left home in 1930 to join the army, and toured Brazil with an army band until 1939. Read more →

RED BULL BC One Final World 2012



On Saturday, December 08, from 19h, the arena of Progress Casting in Lapa receive the final stage of the 2012 season the Red Bull BC One, the biggest championship breaking format in man-to-man held internationally. In total, 16 participants from 11 countries – including the United States, Mexico, Japan, Colombia, Morocco and England – who will battle for the title of world champion. And between them, is a Brazilian, B-Boy Klesio, Brasilia / DF. Read more →

Gilberto Gil – “Um Sonho” / Xingu +23



Gilberto Gil joins the movement against the construction of Belo Monte A movement against the construction of the dam is organized to take place parallel to the Rio +20, in Altamira, Pará, one of the regions that will be affected by the hydroelectric plant. Called “Xingu” +23″ the action won Gilberto Gil’s commitment, who offered the the song “O sonho” (The dream) composed in 1977 and recorded in the “Parabilcamará” CD in 1992.

The event will take place between 13 and 17 June and should gather about 500 people. The goal is to strengthen the struggle of affected against the hydroelectric plant and by respect for their social rights, economic, cultural and territorial. The activities include cultural festivities, debates, seminars and protests.

Check out the video with the music of Gil in favor of the motion.