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Bahia – Brazil Official Tourism Video



This is a great short video of the State of Bahia in NE Brazil that shows why you must travel to this tourism destination.

The new trend in Luxury Travel


Booking a surprise holiday is an upcoming trend in the Travel Industry. If you are curious why, click on the link below and read it!

Christmas Celebrations in Brazil 2014


Santa Claus is coming to town…


Natal em Gramado

It’s not even a month to go until Christmas. One of the biggest Christmas celebrations in Brazil take place in the city Gramado in the region of Rio Grande do Sul. There the festivities started already on October 30th. You can experience Christmas markets, parades, shows, concerts and a lot more.

Another city called Curitiba in the municipality of Paraná is known as Brazils “Capital of Christmas”. Here you can meet Papai Noel, the Brazilian Santa Claus, and discover a lot of different activities.

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Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Re-elected


Brazil 2014 Presidential Elections


Dilma Roussef - from site aquivoceficasabendo

On Sunday 26th October 2014, Brazilians experienced one of the tightest election contests in their history. The eagerly awaited results came out at around eight o’clock in the evening and confirmed a second mandate for President Dilma Rousseff, who won the presidential elections with a very narrow majority of 3.28%.
The country was politically strongly divided, with the South of the country mainly voting for the political candidate Aécio Neves and the northern part of the country preferring Dilma. President Dilma now has to bring the Brazilian people together by working on issues that matter to the whole population like improving education, fighting corruption and revitalizing the Brazilian economy.
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Brazil loves Easter


Easter is one of the most festive events among Christians worldwide, and is largely celebrated in Brazil. It commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death, as written in the Christian bible.

Páscoa in Portuguese, falls on the day after the culmination of Holy

Week, which also marks the end of Lent. Since many institutions and businesses, as well as schools,  allow for an extended weekend, many Brazilians spend the holiday either traveling for the sake of traveling (and to witness religious processions such as the one in Ouro Preto) or spending the time with family.

Paixão e Fé (Passion and Faith), a song by Tavinho Moura and Fernando Brant recorded by Milton Nascimento, poetically expresses the season’s spiritual tone and describes the passage of a procession.

It’s carnival time! Megan Fox whips off her top as she stars in Brazilian beer advert


Have you seen Megan Fox’s new sexy commercial for a brazilian beer commercial “Brahma”?

The Transformers star is seen dancing away in the midst of the carnival in the 30-second TV advert.

She starts the promo wearing denim shorts and white vest and heels. The vest is then tossed off to reveal the uniform of a Brahma beer girl. Read more →

2nd February – Celebrations to Yemanjá Godess of the Sea



Known for being one of the most popular festivals and one of the largest public demonstrations of Candomblé faith, the celebration of Yemanja in the Rio Vermelho neighborhood began in 1923, when there was a decrease in the fish supplies.

The fishermen gathered on the 2nd February to ask for help from the Godess of the Seas, Yemanja.

Year after year, fishermen and believers, regardless of religion, gather throughout the night and the following day to offer gifts to their Queen Yemanjá.

Video – Send your blessings to Yemanjá – By Otto