INKATERRA RESERVA AMAZÓNICA Jungle Lodge – Tambopata – Peru



This eco-luxury lodge in front of Madre de Dios River, Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica has 35 wooden cabanas inspired in the Ese’Eja culture. 540 bird species have been inventoried in hotel grounds, deep in the rainforest.

The property offers a varied selection of à-la-carte excursions, including a visit to the Inkaterra Canopy Walkway, a bridge system at 30 meters above the ground, allowing adventurers to enjoy a privileged view of the Amazon. In 2013, Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica was selected by National Geographic Traveler magazine among the world’s 25 best eco-lodges.

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Three different field courses organized by Field Projects International will be held at Inkaterra Guides Field Station. Genomics in the Jungle: Sample to Sequence in the Amazon Rainforest, Lab and Field Training (July 22-August 4) explores how genetics is revolutionizing biological research, with the successful deployment of instruments that enable molecular work to be conducted ‘on-the-fly’ and in the field. Amazonian ABCs: Fundamentals of Rainforest Ecology and Field Botany (June 3-16 & July 15-28) provides a broad overview of forest ecology and conservation, with a taxonomic focus on plants and a geographic focus on the Amazon basin in Southern Peru. Amazon to the Andes: The Birds of Peru (June 24-July 7 OR July 13) will venture participants into one of the richest regions in the world in terms of bird diversity–the Peruvian Amazon, where more than 1000 species have been reported, including 256 endemics. Application deadline is May 1, 2018.


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