Rio Carnival 2013 dates


When the official Carnival dates are? Why do the Carnival dates change every year? Why it seems complicated to find out when the Carnival will fall? Well, it is a long history. We will abbreviate it, though. This party has its origins in ancient Greece and Rome celebrations. Later, it was incorporated into the Catholic liturgical calendar and allowed until the Ash Wednesday. By the Catholic Calendar, Carnival is always celebrated seven Sundays before the Sunday of Easter. As this varies from March 22nd to April 25th, the Carnival dates also move.

Please note that we have included the day immediately before Carnival in these dates. Actually, Carnival in Rio get started after the city mayor hands the key to Rei Momo (king Momo), the lord of Misrule and Revelry, a ceremony hold usually at Friday evening. So if you want to make the most of Rio Carnival you can’t miss the first night of this intense party!

Rio Carnival 2013: 16 days & 19:39 hours left.

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